My long time and dearest friend, Jackie Kendall of Power to Grow Ministries (Queen of Journaling I might add), and I were sharing some of the issues of life one day when she paused and sighed, “It’s just another day outside the Garden”. I thought it was the best thing I had ever heard to describe the daily grind we all have to deal with in each of our lives. This would be a great blog! and she gave me permission to use it, but this was original with her and while I thought I would use it, I felt the Lord prompting me to go with Lessons From the Labyrinth which speaks to the life maze we find ourselves in most times. It is then that we learn the lessons God puts before us in sometimes painful, but the more rewarding ways. So Jackie, thanks for sharing your broad wealth of wisdom and wit as you have down through the years that we have been “sisters from another mother” but thankfully the same Heavenly Father.

Seems like all sorts of things pop up in a day’s time and you wished you’d written some of them down.  That’s what I call “counting your blessings”.  There is always something to learn from the “opportunities” one is presented with through the Journey.

Everything we encounter is for our “good”, and is for a purpose much greater than we can possibly understand most of the time.  These kinds of things are what I’m talking about by starting this little project of blogging.  I’ve had lots of classes where I endeavored to get my students involved in the process of blogging, but usually once the class was over, there were few, if any, who took to this method of journaling or marking one’s life journey.

Writing is good for the soul and allows us to step back and see the lessons we would miss otherwise without taking time for reflection. It may be the only legacy we will leave.  We shall see…..